About WeLike2Watch


Picture this: you have some friends over. they want to watch a movie. your mind races, mentally scrolling through your library for SOMETHING good to watch. Someone sees “The Godfather” in your collection and suggests it. WHAT DO YOU DO?? Certainly, it’s a great film, but NOT the kind of thing you would watch in a group. You might as well host a funeral. That’s where WL2W comes in. As seasoned movie-night hosters, we’ve made it our goal to be your one-stop free-shop for AWESOME party movie ideas and informing you of each movie’s particular strengths, weaknesses, drinking games and target audience (because just as a chef needs to be aware that not all patrons can stand spicy foods, we’re aware that not all movie-watchers can stand gore/nudity, etc !).

Why would we want you to do this???….because WE LIKE 2 WATCH!