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Armed with a love for the 80ies, nothing is ever too cheesy.

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Samurai Cop Playing at Fantasia 2013!!!!!11

A We Like 2 Watch classic party movie will be shown at Fantasia this year!!! Needless to say than Jonny and I are pretty pumped to see this classic on the big screen in REMASTERED HD! All you party lovers out there better be sure to catch it July 19th...
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A Radical Laserdisc Find

Nothing says a good find like a pile of pristine Laserdiscs! Except perhaps a copy of Nintendo World Championships…  ...
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LaserDisc, The Forgotten Media

Growing up, I did not know a single person who owned a LaserDisc player, nor did I even know of it’s existence. It came around the age of the VHS and the Betamax, but it never gained wide popularity due to it’s high cost and low movie selection, although it...
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The Last Refuge of the VHS

With video stores closing down with the ever ease of access to streamable content online I always feel surprised when I see one that is still operating. However, on a recent trip I walked into one that had stood the test of time. Right at the front, there was a...
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