Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

Big Trouble in Little China: Trailer

Big Trouble in Little China: Party Movie

A man, his truck and a 2000 year-old Chinese magician… This is the story of Big Trouble in Little China,  a 1986 movie starting Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall, back when Kim was still pretty hot. Kurt Russell is a truck driver visiting a friend Wang, when suddenly his (Wang’s) girlfriend is kidnapped by the evil Lo Pan for her green eyes. This sparks a daring rescue by Kurt and his Asian buddy, but as soon as they leave Kim also gets kidnapped… shit just got real.

Jack Burton, played by Russell, is the real man in this story. Bringing a knife to a gun fight, he’s always ready for action and for rescuing his truck (which also got kidnapped), which is all he really cares about.  Jack and Wang will need to fight through the seven hells of China, rescue the ladies and stop the evil Lo Pan.

Big Trouble in Little China is an excellent comedy adventure movie that is sure to get everyone riled up; not only from the wise cracks and one-liners from Jack, but also from the lot of good martial arts scenes. There is also a strong slapstick presence in the movie but only when Jack fights (Wang has excellent kung fu).

As for comedy, the movie is not all about jokes, but more about ridiculous sets and crazy powers that are sure to deliver laughs to everyone in the room.

In all, Big Trouble in Little China is one that everyone will enjoy. It’s forgotten classic from the 80s that begs to make a comeback.

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