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“I kick ass for the Lord!” is not a phrase you would hear from normal people, but the kung fu master priest in Peter Jackson’s
“Dead Alive” is no ordinary man. Dead Alive is the second movie by Lord of the Rings master himself, Peter Jackson.
It’s difficult to see the transition in his directing career of the two movies, but perhaps he gave up drugs…

Dead Alive is a slapstick zombie movie set in the fifties, where Lionel, the greatest mama’s boy who ever lived,
takes care of his mother until zombies change the game plan. Introduced by the bite of a rat-monkey, the zombie infection
spreads fast and spares no one. From babies to various organs, all fall for the infection. Don’t worry, they don’t bite any babies
in this movie, as there are other exciting ways to create a zombie baby.

The title of “most fake blood ever used on set” is widely believed to be held by this movie and it’s no surprise that
Lionel decides to strap a lawn mower to his chest to take his house back from the dead. As it is a slapstick comedy movie,
the killings of the zombies are quite funny and imaginative but squeamish people might find certain scenes too much,
so make sure everyone in the room has a good stomach for those sorts of things.

Aside from all the zombie killing, Dead Alive has a love story and a back story to Lionel’s mother’s dark past.
These take up the first third of the movie giving it a bit more character, so if you’re just watching it for the zombie
killing you can skip ahead without missing too much.

From zombie-love to kung-fu catholic priests, Dead Alive delivers shenanigans and laughs that almost everyone can enjoy.

Drinking Game (Danger: Possible alcohol poisoning)

1  Shot: Zombie loses arm/leg

2  Shots: Violence against babies

3  Shots: Lionel being awkward

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