Deadly Friend (1986)

Deadly Friend: Trailer

Deadly Friend: 80′s PARTY MOVIE from Wes Craven

The Wes Craven (known for Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc) movie “Deadly Friend” is a classic 80s teen horror movie. Although these movies usually involve an evil spirit or a serial killer that’s on the loose…. this one features a cute robot.

When Paul moves to a new neighborhood with his mom and his robot named “BB” to further his education at the local university (even though he looks 16), he meets and falls in love with the girl next door: Sam.

Paul has all kinds of fun, but when he tries to prank their paranoid neighbor, things go terribly wrong for BB and as a double whammy for Paul, Sam is killed by her abusive father. Paul hatches a plan to bring her back to life, but will she be the same? Will she become Paul’s sex robot? Or will she kill everyone who surrounds her?

Deadly Friend is a bit slower paced that most horror movies, but still delivers the essential “creepy” vibe. It also has some great tips if you are working on the “Robot” dance move for your 70s themed parties. On a disappointing note though, as much as 80s horror movies had some great full or semi-full frontal nudity… this one has nothing.

Deadly Friend has a good amount of jump scares, and one of the best killing scenes I have ever seen. Also, a hell of an unexpected ending! So have some people over, forget about the holidays and think back to sweet sweet Halloween.

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