Miami Connection (1987) [Fantasia 2012!!]

Miami Connection: Trailer

Miami Connection: A Perfect Midnight Movie for Fantasia 2012

Hello friends. This year has been a real treat. It’s no secret that while our goal is to seek out PARTY MOVIES to watch with friends, I have a soft spot for the so-bad-it’s-good variety (Troll 2, Samurai Cop, etc).

Drafthouse Films passed through Fantasia this year with a restored version of the 1987 film “Miami Connection”, that saw a very small VHS release and was thus never really that well known.

Apparently they found a print of the movie on eBay for fifty bucks, restored it, and are now touring with it…. and man, am I ever glad.

The 1980s were an amazing decade, especially for anything related to pop-culture. This glorious time gave us the craziest hair, the best fashion trends, and enormous amounts of cheese. From Miami Vice to the WWF, the 80s made an impact that we’ll never forget.

As outlined in five seasons of white suits and pastel t-shirts in the show “Miami Vice”, Miami (Florida) was really the place to be. The mullets were long, the chest hair thick and the cocaine a-plenty.

No exception to the rule, “Miami Connection” is based in, you guessed it, Miami. The movie was written, directed by and stars Y.K. Kim, a Tae Kwon Do master whose skills cannot be rivaled, both on screen and in the ring. In the film, he and his band, “Dragon Sound”, are playing at a local night club to earn a living, while attending the University of Central Florida. Little do they know, their care-free days are coming to an end when they meet their match: Biker Ninjas!

Miami Connection is not only filled with action, but three full music videos of “Dragon Sound” performing in the club. If their martial-arts based music does not get your room grooving, then it’s time to check your pulse.

Covered in cheese, Miami Connection is actually a hilariously charming and heart-warming flick, and is a fantastic PARTY MOVIE after a few drinks. From the cocaine-stealing ninjas, to the amazing performances of “Dragon Sound”, Miami Connection is due for a comeback. Although it’s currently hard to get your hands on a good copy, have no fear… a DVD release is scheduled in a month or two!

[UPDATE] Miami Connection available on DVD/Bluray/VHS (yes, seriously).




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