New Kids Nitro (2011) [Fantasia 2012!!]

New Kids Nitro: Trailer

New Kids Nitro: Dutch Trailer Park Boys on Crack

New Kids Nitro is the continuation of New Kids Turbo, following the same euro-trash buddies after their adventures from the last movie.  They have sparked a rivalry with the neighbouring county and are going on an all-out war with them their home-town is vandalized.  Along with that, a meteor has struck in a field causing the cows to produce unlimited quantities of milk! …but how safe is the milk….?

New Kids Nitro starts off with a bang from “The Two Brothers on the Fourth floor” (Excellent 90′s Eurodance) and it keeps a fast pace throughout. If you’re a fan of electronic music, prepare for one of the best soundtracks ever.  New Kids Nitro has more laughs and a lot more action than New Kids Turbo, and a story that’s just as good. It’s a rare movie where the sequel might actually be better than the original.

Filled with the same physical and ridiculous humor as Turbo, it holds the same PARTY MOVIE atmosphere. Be sure to have this one on hand just in case your buddies want more of New Kids Turbo. Also, continue the drinking game throughout both movies for maximum destruction. Needless to say, this flick isn’t intended for prudes. It’s plenty vulgar and offends everyone…which is probably why we like it.

In all, New Kids Nitro has everything a party movie should, and more. It’s a guaranteed hit and probably my new favourite movie. If you have enjoyed these two films, be sure to check out the New Kids TV show and other things from those crazy Dutch bastards.


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