New Kids Turbo (2010) [FANTASIA 2012!!]

New Kids Turbo: Trailer

New Kids Turbo: Dutch Trailer Park Boys on Crack

New Kids Turbo is a full length movie of a native Dutch tv show called “New Kids”. It’s very comparable to Trailer Park Boys here at home, but the Dutch have cranked it to a whole other level. It follows five mullet-sporting euro-trash fellows in their decision to no longer pay for anything, after losing their jobs. The five of them fight off the police, the banks and the military, and cause uproars of riots in bigger cites by people who are joining their cause. They put up an excellent fight, but who will win?

New Kids Turbo is packed with laughs from start to finish. It will hold back at nothing to make you laugh, so be prepared for anything to happen in this movie… from hit-and-runs to pregnant alcoholics, this flick’s got it all. The vulgarity is VERY high in this one, so better let Junior sit it out.

No doubt about it, New Kids Nitro is a RIDICULOUS F&^&CKING PARTY MOVIE. Throw it on in the middle of your party and the laughs won’t stop.  Try to think up a drinking game to go with the movie. There are lot of ridiculous repeat jokes that would do just fine. WARNING: Some full-frontal male nudity.

So pop open some Heinekens, turn down that 90s eurodance, and prepare for a laugh of epic proportions with the cast of New Kids Turbo.  As this is a Dutch movie, be sure to grab one with subtitles and not dubbed…it’s just not the same.


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