Samurai Cop (1989)

Samurai Cop: Priceless Scene

Samurai Cop: A So-Bad-It’s-Great Party Movie

Part cop, part Fabio, all samurai. Samurai cop is the brainchild of Iranian millionaire Amir Shervan. He created what he thought at the time was the perfect American action movie and he could not have done a better job.

The term B-Movie is thrown around a lot these days, but placing this classic in that group would be an insult to B-Movies everywhere. With hilarious acting, recycled footage and ex-porn actresses, Samurai cop belongs in a category of its own.

Samurai cop is Joe Marshall, who is brought in to fight the katana gang, who are declaring war to all of those not allying with them. He is joined by Frank, the wise-cracking cool-talking black sidekick for an obvious lethal weapon setup. The two fight and fuck their way to the leaders of the katana gang, bringing them all to justice.

The party aspect in this movie is spectacular from the sheer cheese of the main character’s behaviour to the gratuitous amounts of nudity. Everyone is guaranteed to get a laugh or at least an awkward boner…

You’re sure to learn a whole bunch of new catch-phrases as well as a few…interesting Japanese words and traditions. Most importantly, everyone will know the samurai cop’s pickup lines to get anyone in bed, from church girls to helicopter pilots.

Samurai Cop: The Drinking Game

One shot every time someone says “Right On”
Two shots when Japanese customs are referred to.
Three shots when during any of Frank’s…captivating reaction shots.


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