Space Jam (1996)

Space Jam: Trailer

Space Jam: Party Movie

I don’t really care about basketball,  unless it’s in a movie with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan… like in SPACE JAM!!!

In the 90′s the Chicago Bulls were riding high with the trio of Jordan, Pippen and Rodman (Who actually got his own movie deal later: “Double Team”) I’m sure the movie execs did not want to scare the children by including Rodman in this particular flick.

Now, in the far reaches of space there is an alien running an unsuccessful amusement park. In hopes of bringing  in more customers he decides that he must capture the Loony Toons to feature them as an attraction. Sending his best tiny goons across space only make Bugs and the gang laugh, but being a good sport, Bugs bets their freedom on a game of basketball. However his foes do not remain the same stumpy aliens as when he first saw them, as the aliens are able to steal the powers of famous basketball players and mutate into the best players the game has ever seen. Needing help, Bugs finds and recruits Michael Jordan to show the Loony Toons how to school these fools back to their own world, but will they have the skills to do so in time?

Sneaking in some great jokes, even some I did not catch as a kid, a KICK-ASS soundtrack and a lot of cameos that will have you saying:


Space Jam is a solid movie for both the kids and adults,  with jokes for both parties. At worst, it’s still more than worth digging out from the old VHS movie pile.

A great ALL-PURPOSE party movie.


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