Student Bodies (1981)

Student Bodies: Scene

Student Bodies: Party Movie

Before the first “Scary Movie” (and all that other crap that came after it), Student Bodies was at the forefront of the horror spoof movie scene in the 1980′s. With gratuitous shower scenes, slashings and fabulous hair, the 80′s were a dream for teenage comedies and Student Bodies hits the nail on the head. It parodies all the great slasher and teen comedies from the time as well as some clever jokes on par with the spoof classic Airplane.

The story takes place at the typical American high school, e.g. the pretty cheerleaders, the tough quarterback, the creepy janitor and the nerd. However, not all is as it seems, since in this high school as soon as you do the horizontal mambo…you get iced. With the stereotypical creepy stalking sound and heavy phone breathing, this movie delivers as a party movie. Late night Halloween party, sorority sleep over, 420; it’s applicable any time and it won’t leave you feeling dumb like Scary movie would.

Granted, some parts of the movie feel dated and that may turn some people off, but always keep in mind that at the time that this came out, nothing really like it had ever been seen before.

So grab put down that NES controller, turn down Bon Jovi, grab some California Raisins and let Student Bodies remind you how awesome and terrible the 80′s were.


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