Sunflower Hour (2011) [FANTASIA 2012!!]

Sunflower Hour is a handy-cam style documentary movie where groups of filmmakers follow four hopefuls in their trials and hardships as they audition for a spot on the TV show “Sunflower Hour” (a puppet show). Little do they know, the show’s producer works in porn. The documentary filmmakers have a lot of interaction with the cast of the show, so there is a lot of good dialogue and solid character development throughout. This flick was filmed in Vancouver for under 30 000$, but you wouldn’t really be able to tell. The acting is good and so is the cinematography. It’s a Canadian film that should be enjoyed by more of us.

The four puppeteer candidates include a raging Irish alcoholic who speaks and lives through his leprechaun puppet, a Goth girl who plans to crush the dreams of all children, a homophobic (but probably gay) priest who wants to spread his message of Christ, and a wimpy kid who is bullied for his love of puppeteering by his older brothers.

Don’t get me wrong on this one, Sunflower Hour is a very raunchy movie from start to finish. It even features some “adult” puppeteering….  It is filled with good laughs on both a slapstick side and through subtle jokes. Definitely for an open-minded audience.  With a good twist at the end, Sunflower Hour is a great lazy day PARTY MOVIE for some laughs.

There is no confirmation of a DVD release yet, but if ever it plays in a festival near you be sure to check it out!

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