The FP (2011)

It’s a story of redemption, a story of brothers, a story of “Beat Beat Revelation”.

The FP or Frasier Park is the battle ground for two gangs who battle for honour and territory by playing a Dance Dace Revolution-like game called “Beat Beat Revelation”.  When the leader BTRO is killed during a Beat Beat Revolution game, his brother JTRO swears to never play again and leaves town.  With both of them gone, the rival gang now has no opponents and takes control of the FP.

With the FP gone to the dump, one of the last gang members goes to find JTRO and convinces him to come back to the FP and bring the town back to its former glory.  This will be no easy task for JTRO, having not Beat Beat in a long time. He’ll need as many training montages as he can get (Tons in this movie). He’ll need to Beat Beat his way back to the top to get back his town and his girl.

This movie was directed by two brothers: Brandon Trost and Jason Trost (you can see where they got their gang names from). This movie is every gang movie, but with white people, and they still drop the word “nigga” every two seconds, of course meaning “Never Ignorant at Getting Goals Accomplished”.

The FP is a good gang story with a twist, featuring training montages, a messed up love story and all the Beat Beat Revelation that you can handle.  So grab your posse and some drinks and enjoy this fine piece of gang work… or just throw it on after dancing til 9am and you’re too sketch to do anything else. PARTY. ON.

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