Troll 2 (1990)

Once in a great while, in every field of interest, we are blessed with a game-changer that inspires a new order of contemporaries to take up their pens/guitars/psychic-tandem-war-elephants and lend themselves to the craft in some way: TROLL 2.
In the world of late-night party movies, Troll 2 has made one of the most surprising claims-to-fame seen in a while. Namely, many agree that it is, simply put, the world’s BEST, WORST MOVIE, and a FANTASTIC starting point for almost ANY party-movie-get-together thing.
In recent years, this diamond in the rough has renewed interest in the so-bad-they’re-good genre (and even an award-winning full length documentary made by the child (now grown up) lead. It is fittingly titled “Best Worst Movie”. If you were a fan of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 in the 90′s, you know what I mean (and if you don’t, google it. you’ll be glad you did).
In the world of party movies, it is sometimes difficult to find films that are broadly appealing (no excessive swearing/nudity/gratuitous gore….but enough about my weekend) without sacrificing what I like to call “edge”.
In this film, we follow the the Waits family on a vacation from their sleepy city suburb to the even sleepier town of Nilbog, where they get a bit more distraction than they bargained for when a clan of goblins (that’s right. not trolls….goblins) plots to force-feed them green stuff that turns them into plants so that they can be eaten (since everyone knows that goblins are vegetarians).

FUN FACT: Troll 2 contains no trolls.

FUN FACT: Troll 2 was originally called GOBLINS, but was released as Troll 2 to piggy-back awareness of the moderately well-known film Troll (starring Noah Hathaway (e.g. Atreyu in the Neverending Story) as Happy Potter Jr. (that’s right…. Troll is TECHNICALLY the FIRST Happy Potter movie) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (e.g. Elaine from Seinfeld)).

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Born in a puddle, raised in a pond, Jonny Mosco enjoys anything that is media, and that gives him an excuse to hang out with friends. He lives around Montreal, and is currently dating his guitar (but cheats on her frequently).

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  1. avatar Kakank says:

    griffin:I just finished wnachitg Best Worst Movie, and I came away from it with a very different impression of it. Before I continue, however, I strongly recommend to anybody interested in Best Worst Movie to watch Troll 2 and only afterwards watch Best Worst Movie. To do so in reverse order will likely rob the documentary of most of its impact, and it will make wnachitg Troll 2 an even less enjoyable experience. You really need to go through Troll 2 the first time with only your own standards to guide you.Best Worst Movie is a wonderful documentary. I once heard on the Instance podcast that Scott loved wnachitg documentaries; well, he definitely needs to see this one. For that matter, so should Randy, as I would be most interested to get his take on those for whom Troll 2 delivers a special kind of entertainment that somehow transcends its many deep flaws. The movie isn’t so much a let down after it brings up the cult status of the film, but it does cut to the heart of fame and moviemaking. Take George Hardy the father in the film for instance. Here is a guy who’s really got a great life going. He is legitimately loved by friends and family alike, he runs a successful business, and he’s just a genuine guy. And yet, he has this itch to be famous, to be a movie star. It completely runs counter to what he has done with his life, and it is in all reality for him, an empty promise. He doesn’t realize that even if he did become a big movie star, it would not deliver to him what he already has. That’s the funny thing about fame; so many crave it without even understanding why or what it will do for them. And by the documentary’s third act, even George begins to understand that this world he is so fascinated with really isn’t for him. He’s tired of being the product he has wanted to become, and he just wants to get back to his town and his dental practice. There will always be that need for him to be wanted and loved as a star of Troll 2, but in the grand scheme of things, he’s a happy, successful small-town dentist. And that’s fine. The depressing thing is to think otherwise, and I don’t think the movie ever suggests that. Hell, in its final minutes, it makes the director’s case for him, even though he cannot appreciate it. There *is* value in Troll 2, even if it’s the Best Worst Movie ever made.As for the other cast members whose lives don’t turn out so well, like the mother and the grandpa that’s just life, man. Some people are the king of Smalltown, U.S.A. Others are crazy cat ladies with ailing mothers, or they’re tired old actors who consider themselves has-beens. Their biggest problems aren’t what Troll 2 did to them. It’s what they have done t themselves.

    • avatar Jonny Mosco says:

      Cool points! People should definitely watch the original BEFORE the documentary “Best Worst Movie”, although in cases where some groups of folks might not be motivated enough to watch Troll 2 together yet, the documentary might inspire them to. I saw George Hardy and Michael Stephenson when they came to Montreal for a Troll 2 screening. Hardy seemed as happy as a guy can be (although he needed thorough convincing before agreeing to do lines from the movie). I was impressed by their energy and good vibes.

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