Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil (2010)

“I just can’t quit you” is not the line you’ll hear in this movie but you’ll be saying it as soon as you’re finished watching it.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil appears to be the typical horror movie about a group of stereotypical college kids that go away for the weekend visiting the country, meeting their share of more than creepy rednecks on the way. Following a series of shenanigans the dynamic duo comes into possession of the helpless dame, holding her against her will or so it seems…

Tucker and Dale plays on the perspective of the viewer, showing both sides of the story and how each party sees the current situation. Cutting dialog and using different camera angles we can see how the situation can easily boil out of control.

Although a little slow to start, the pace will accelerate quickly once Tucker and Dale have their captive. The characters are brilliantly played and so are the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the characters.

The movie can be a tad on the gruesome side at times but not enough to make someone feel uncomfortable.  It’s great movie to watch as the group might divide on opposing teams either cheering for Tucker and Dale or Chad and the rest of the college kids. An easy party game for this one is to have drink bets on which characters will die first.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is guaranteed to make the room laugh ever for those who might have been turned off by the concept of the movie originally. It has a good production value and good acting that does not leave it in the B movie category as most other movies of its genera.

As much as Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil seems to be like a traditional slasher movie it’s not as the black characters are some of the last to die!!!

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