Weird Science (1985)

Every so often, we all succumb to the pressure of hosting an 80′s themed movie night, and while there are hundreds of great film choices to sift through, a John Hughes flick is usually tough to pass up. Although most people are familiar with titles such as “Breakfast Club”, “Sixteen Candles”, etc, surprisingly few remember 1985′s “Weird Science” as an over-the-top John Hughes movie, instead of a highly successful TV-show in the 90′s.

This is interesting, seeing as how the movie contains the same Oingo-Boingo theme that got stuck in many a head, as well as a young Robert Downey Jr. in the cast. The movie is surprisingly edgy and delivers a satisfying sci-fi spin on the teen-buddy-comedy genre. The premise may be familiar to many: two geeky teens decide to create the ideal woman using a computer. They succeed, but wonder if they got more than they bargained for when hilarity ensues.

In short, if you’re doing an 80′s night (or even otherwise!), this is a great John Hughes movie that has not received a lot of attention lately compared to his other movies, for no good reason I can identify. Time to bring it back from the dead….using SCIENCE!

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