Night Is Short, Walk On Girl [Fantasia 2017]

The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl is a kaleidoscopic fever dream of an animated film. Based on a series of novels by Tomihiko Morimi, the film is centered on the eponymous Girl and takes place during a single long, drunk night. This night is to be the culmination of...
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Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman [Fantasia 2017]

Run Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman is a Dutch comedy that starts off with the titular character Ron (Tim Haars, the brother of one of the filmmakers), a barely conscious alcoholic, who becomes an overnight YouTube sensation after a video of him drunkenly failing a car stunt goes viral. That alone would...
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Plan B [Fantasia 2017]

Every year at the Fantasia Festival, I try to find a great Chinese action film to watch. I look for something with amazing kung fu, maybe a period piece, as long as it has wild throwdowns. I never would have thought that I’d find what I was looking for in...
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