PARTY INTERVIEW: B.A. Johnston’s PARTY MOVIE MANIA If you haven’t heard yet, B.A. Johnston has become a familiar name among Canadian indie music circles. Known for his nostalgic party-humourous music and antics, B.A. is the good-natured best friend that we’ve all had (or wish we’ve had)…personified in song form. Ever...
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Student Bodies (1981)

Student Bodies: Scene Student Bodies: Party Movie Before the first “Scary Movie” (and all that other crap that came after it), Student Bodies was at the forefront of the horror spoof movie scene in the 1980′s. With gratuitous shower scenes, slashings and fabulous hair, the 80′s were a dream for teenage...
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Space Jam (1996)

Space Jam: Trailer Space Jam: Party Movie I don’t really care about basketball,  unless it’s in a movie with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan… like in SPACE JAM!!! In the 90′s the Chicago Bulls were riding high with the trio of Jordan, Pippen and Rodman (Who actually got his own movie...
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