Roy “Flesh” Cummings: Dawson College 3D Animation Interviews

This year, we had the pleasure of attending Dawson College’s “Vernissage” for the 3D Animation  graduating class of 2013, meaning that we got to watch a series of short animated films preceded by an interview with each animator.

Then, THIS happened: an instructional video about how you should behave as an animator when being interviewed, hosted by the fiendish, repulsive Roy “Flesh” Cummings (best described as “surly and uncaring”, Roy is an infamous character that we had yet to rub elbows with).

We don’t know what lies ahead for this man, but I’m bringing deodorant and eyewash just in case, from now on.


N.B. We have gotten word that he wishes to play C3PO in the upcoming Star Trek film. Oh my. Party on.



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Born in a puddle, raised in a pond, Jonny Mosco enjoys anything that is media, and that gives him an excuse to hang out with friends. He lives around Montreal, and is currently dating his guitar (but cheats on her frequently).

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