The Last Refuge of the VHS

With video stores closing down with the ever ease of access to streamable content online I always feel surprised when I see one that is still operating. However, on a recent trip I walked into one that had stood the test of time.

Right at the front, there was a display of N64 games for sale still in their boxes (nothing good though) with much sun damage and next to them, a large box of Disney VHS tapes for sale at 5$ a pop! I was confused at first as to why a place would try to sell these movies when even thrift shops have difficulty selling them at 25 cents a piece, but then looking up I saw something that I could only remember from when I was a kid.


A giant wall of VHS tapes for rent

All tattered and sun damaged, they laid next to their DVD brethren, waiting to be picked up and enjoyed once again by the same people that have been renting them for close to 30 years.  Stopping to have a closer look at the Horror and Sci-Fi collection, I saw they have an excellent selection and even some we have featured as Party Movies on We Like 2 Watch!


Classic Peter Jackson Braindead

 Nothing like a row of zombies

Silent Night Deadly Night Part II as we featured a few weeks ago

I was in a really quiet town in rural Quebec at the time and I realized that there must still be people here that use a VCR daily.  Even though it may seem that the digital age has all but taken over, there are still some areas were the old VHS age has never left. So if you are ever in a really small town and they have a video store stop on in, you never know what you could find.

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